Daily Look: Romper Stomper





Linda is wearing:

1) Oversized hat Urban Outfitters

2) Dot pattern romper STYLEMOCA

3) Gold v-line necklace STYLEMOCA

4) Green lace up booties Alexander Wang (ON SALE)

Three words come to mind when thinking about rompers: lightweight, casual, and simple. Dress them up or dress them down, rompers are perfect staples to every girl’s wardrobe.

The Romper Rules according to Cosmopolitan Magazine:

A romper isn’t the easiest garment to pull off, but these six rules can make wearing one a cinch.

1. Make sure it’s not too tight. Rompers aren’t supposed to look like second skin—after all, no one thinks camel-toes are cute.

2. Watch the length. Your butt cheeks shouldn’t be making their debut; the bottom of the romper should reach the ends of your fingertips.

3. Choose a solid-colored romper. No one likes a floral pattern that much and solid colors tend to look classier.

4. Break up the outfit with a belt. Doing this keeps the romper from looking like an adult onesie.

5. Layer up. Rompers are easy- breezy, but adding a cute jean or military-style jacket over one makes the whole look feel more put-together.

6. Wear a wedge with it. Rompers are casual as it is, so don’t just throw on flip-flops. A little effort can go a long way.

*Tip: Wear your summer romper (you know, the super cute romper you wore to that music festival last summer) with tights, a jacket, and boots over the winter season!
Romperin’ and stomperin’

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