Trending: The Paper Bag Clutch


 Who would have thought that the common brown paper bag could be the inspiration for a simple yet chic handbag? This clutch takes sacking your “lunch” or personal belongings to a whole new level! The paper bag clutch: a minimalist sack of leathery goodness.




Cheap Thrill: the DIY by Existentialism on Rye







one, two, three



10 thoughts on “Trending: The Paper Bag Clutch

  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting me on my blog .. I enjoyed your paper clutch idea. I haven’t seen this before yet found myself drawn to its simple design and unique style. Do you think it needs a leather hand embossed label or a piece of hardware??? I’ve recently seen a lace shoulder messenger bag that had a very simple design by Alexander McQueen that I was crazy for. I’m about to make it for my collection in green lace and a blue lace. Wish me luck. LoL. I’ll instagram my progress. @jacquelinejax .take care.

  2. I find clutches to be so elegant and classy. Something about the way that you have to carry them with a straigth arm. I’m a sucker for straight lines. I’m sure that I can go to my local Goodwill and find some fabric to make a couple of these. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  3. If made of good quality leather and well-cut and sewn, this is a great idea! It’s so perfectly minimalist as is – I think a label or hardware would ruin that. As long as it’s really well-made and finished, it’s just right. Thanks for joining my fun, too. Photos of true vintage fashion from my own closet every day (except, sometimes, when I’m traveling).

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