How to: Cuff Jeans

The cuff, roll, turn up, whatever you want to call it,  has everyone showing off their ankles.  We put together a few tricks for mastering the perfect fold. Word to the wise: Cuffing denim is a lot easier than you think! 

1) The Classic Cuff: Keep the folds crisp and clean. Fold two to three times to expose your pretty little ankle bones. This feminine fold looks elegant when worn with shoes that fall below the ankle.


2) The Urkle: Who knew that Steve Urkle, of the 90s t.v. show Family Matters, could have foreseen the “Rolled up denim with high socks’ trend? Inspired by the classic nerd look, the Urkle fold matches well with over the ankle knit socks. Socks of neutral colors like grays, tans, and blacks help balance out the colors of your outfit. This mix can be described by the three C’s: Cool, comfty, and casual.


3) The Single Cuff: This polished cuff is folded once, and only once. This flexible cuff’s length can range from one to four inches. The single cuff goes well with any kind of shoe, even with sneakers! You might want to think again before getting those long skinny jeans hemmed.  


4) The Roll Up: This trend has been extremely popular with fashion bloggers lately. Take a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, carelessly roll them up, and voila your outfit is complete! This messy yet effortless denim style pairs well with delicate heels.


5) The Micro Mini: The cutest fold(s) of them all! Fold lengths should not be more than an inch tall. This flattering style makes your legs look longer and balances out your proportions. The Micro Mini looks great with flats, ankle boots, and sandals.


In cuff we trust!


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