Summer Giveaway!

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We’re getting ready for Summer with #giveaway!

Enter to win the White Gracie Romper:

1. Follow@stylemoca on Instagram

2. Repost this photo and tag @stylemoca 

3. Tell us about your ideal summer vacation destination!

The lovely winner will be announced Tuesday, July 24th, 2014

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Lady Like Style

In modern times, dressing ladylike  has little  to no association with the color pink, huge bows, or frilly lace. There are a lot of creative ways you can dress up with femininity in mind. All you need are the following fashion staples to look delicate and demure, but in a daring way.

1) The Trench Coat


2) The Tea Length Skirt


3) Matching Print Sets


4) The Chartreuse Hat


5) The Trumpet Skirt


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Today’s Top Looks

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And The Winner Is…


Congratulations @yoohoochoco you are the winner of the Cool As Ice Necklace Giveaway! She said she would rock the necklace with a printed blouse, a mint tweed skirt, and a beige trench coat. Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway! 


Have a wonderful day!



Today’s Top Looks

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Put A Ring On It


Whether you like your rings stacked high, worn solo or somewhere in between, there is never a bad time to rock a few rings. Here are a few of out favorite pictures that are sure to inspire your future finger parties.

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Today’s Top Picks

wing-F1_zps55e6d441   anthro3set-F1_zps4e19d79c   4 rings set - gold-H

Emb Legging Giveaway1

Thank you for entering our Vegan Leather Embroidery Legging giveaway contest!

The winner is @samvan!

Please email us at to claim your prize!!


Giveaway Time!

Emb Legging Giveaway1EMB leggingEMB legging2 

We’re giving away these AMAZING Gold Embroidery Vegan Leather Leggings! #giveaway

Winner will be announced next Monday, April 7, 2014!

Enter to win by:

1. Follow @stylemoca on instagram and/or like us on

2. Repost this photo and tag @stylemoca

3. Tell us why you want (need) these leggings!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Music Festival Inspo

tumblr_inline_mktg40uZtE1qz4rgp4 - tumblr_m1rz7i6f8B1qzlav7o1_500 tumblr_inline_mktg1y0xO71qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mktg2pmPKy1qz4rgp largetumblr_m2z0j70dcf1qkmnuk    IMG_2457 277e829f47e15866dc071af23a652305 78c55a3bde0374e24c6a985b82b5f06e tumblr_inline_mktg32tORg1qz4rgp tumblr_ljx3naOqMW1qg6lfjo1_500tumblr_inline_mktg1jQSi81qz4rgp nasty_gal_coachella_1 210abbea7774df101a9798fb2054e816 tumblr_m4zq4eYywb1r1iqtdo1_500 komf1w-l-610x610-dress-hippie-coachella-festival-lace-sequins-gold-silver-gold-sequins-silver-sequins-white-long-dress-maxi-dress-skirt df468acbf2c6de9a14dcf0de418b3433 ef281b90e5d384a8dfc98c8ae431b078 tumblr_lyscfovykz1r1qrlfo1_500  mg-6168-olivia-lopez


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Today is the last day to enter the Electric Blue Faux Leather Lunch Bag Clutch Giveaway! 

Winner will be announced tomorrow, Friday March 21, 2014!!

Enter to win by:

1. Follow @stylemoca on instagram and/or like us on

2. Repost this photo and tag@stylemoca 

3. Tell us how you would style this clutch!!


Lack Of Passion Is Fatal

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Have a beautiful day!


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