Iced Dirty Chai Almond Milk Latte


If you are anything like us – you need your caffeine fix even during the hot summer months, but could do without that hot cup of coffee. Beat the heat with a cool and refreshing Dirty Chai Almond Milk Latte recipe by  Beth of Tasty Yummies!  Beth describes her recipe as, “Simple-to-make, coffee-house worthy beverage is full of so many incredible flavors.” If you enjoy a delicious dirty chai from time to time, trust us, the iced drink recipe will have you captivated. 

Find the recipe here!

Recipes by Tasty Yummies

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DIY: Jewelry Wall Display



Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect takes average materials, such as string and copper, and turns them into fully functioning jewelry holders. This jewelry organizer is also great for other small goods, as the designer Molly says, “This would also make a great entryway organizer for holding keys and outgoing mail! The greatest thing about this project is that it’s insanely easy.”  This easy, rustic macrame Diy is definitely worth a try!


-1 1/2” copper pipe
-mini tube cutter or hacksaw
-4 copper pipe corner pieces
-9 copper couplings
-canvas rope




1. Cut your pipe into four pieces; I decided on a rectangular shape so cut them at 14×12”. Build your base with the corner pieces.

2. Tie a piece of rope to one side, and tighten the knot as much as you can. I did an over-under pattern from behind. Tighten the rope across the width of the base and knot again.



3. Trim excess off both sides. If you want to add the couplings, I alternated every three rows.




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 wishbone necklace-2   double line - silver-C   LOVE fringe necklace-C

Earth Day DIY


In the spirit of Earth Day we bring you  a quick and easy mini herb garden DIY.


*Old Wooden box or drawer (the one pictured above was found at a local flea market)
*3-4 different herb plants
*Moss (optional)
*Plastic liner (optional)



1. Clean the wooden box with a damp cloth.

2. Pour about 1 inch of rocks into the bottom of the box and spread them evenly.


3. Add 2 inches of soil and mark with your finger where you plan to place each plant, leaving at least a few inches between each one.

4. Dig a small divot for the first plant and place it in, adding soil around the sides.


5. Repeat for each plant and then fill with soil until each plant is well supported and covered.

6. I added a moss layer on top of my soil, tearing pieces to fit around each plant, leaving room for me to water around the center of each plant.

7. Once you’ve finished planting, water each plant directly at the base of the stems. If you over water, be sure to let the planter dry out before adding more. Place in a sunny spot and you’re done!

*If you water your plants carefully (directly on the plants themselves, rather than the full planter size) and let the planter drain and dry out properly, you shouldn’t have a mold problem. But if you’re uncomfortable not having a layer over the wood, you can add a plastic liner under the rocks like this one (in whatever size best fits your wooden box).


This DIY was created by Design Sponge

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DIY Statement Jeweled Necklace


One of our favorite DIY bloggers, Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair & A Spare put together this chic and modern DIY Rhinestone Necklace tutorial. By using transparent PVC, cool toned rhinestones and a variety of other components, this DIY Rhinestone necklace can easily by constructed. The necklace’s clear foundation piece makes the beautiful rhinestones look as if they are gently dancing around the wearer’s neckline.

8196675086_a29b3a0408_b-1 8196675262_f7b0221ca2_z8196675666_3921350777_z  8196675856_40e8b4044d_z 8196676190_e7a3577163_z 8196676792_42e11d8a33_z 8196676962_91c84a5d79_z 8196677118_2366cf29d6_z8196677354_5ed763bd7f_z8195583657_219bc7a75f_z8195584015_ceb945bc71_z    8200766241_075102c55e_z

You need:
– Some rhinestones, I used Swarovski ones which are gorgeous
– A square of transparent PVC
– E6000 glue
– Chain
– A large clasp
– Jump rings
– Scissors
– Beading plyers
– A needle and thread
– Paper
– A pen or pencil

More Statement Necklaces:

cool as ice necklace-F2 diana-F victoria-F  

Layered Necklaces


Accessorizing always enhances your personal style. Layering multiple jewelry pieces will help define your look.  It only takes a few layers to transform one piece into a whole new and unique statement accessory. The key is to play with different chains and varying lengths for a cool, curated effect. Whether you layer your chunky statement or delicate pendant necklaces, layered necklaces are definitely worth a shot!




Layer up with STYLEMOCA:

123 bottom left copy4


Valentine’s Day Nails

Our Favorite V-Day Nails Tips and Tutorials:



1. Prep and paint. “After you’ve filed your nails into an almond shape, push back your cuticles” — remember, DO NOT CUT THEM! — “and apply a basecoat.

2. Paint a small diagonal oval from the left side of your nail almost to the right side,” Whitehill says. She used Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Carnal Red.

3. Create the other half of the heart. “Make the same oval shape, starting from the right side of the nail to almost the left side, completing the heart,” she says. “Then, apply a clear top coat and you’re done!”

Now go out there and break some hearts!

Tutorial by Cosmopolitan


For extra flare: Add a white polish layer betweens steps two and three (above).

Apply a basecoat and paint a full white layer. After you make sure that the white layer is dry completely, you can start the red heart design.


1.Dip a toothpick in your nail polish (any color of your choice) and make a thick dot closer to the left side of your nail.

2. Repeat step one and make a second dot on the right side of first dot. The dots should be at least 2-5 mm apart from each other.

3. One by one, drag the dots down diagonally toward the bottom center. The two dots should meet at a point.

4. Fill in any empty spaces and perfect your heart.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Trending: Braided Updos


 From runways to street styles, braided updos have been spotted everywhere.  Senses of nature, innocence, and romance are embodied in a braided hairstyle.  Spring 2014 updos are a cross between the classic romantic look and the modern-day rebel aesthetic. Try channeling Frida Khalo’s milkmaid look or your favorite celebrity’s red carpet messy updo. Braid trends are here to stay!


1. Wash your hair and apply a heat protectant spray from root to tip before blow-drying. Once your hair is dry, use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to curl your hair. This’ll create waves and texture that will make the updo look more voluminous! After curling your hair, run your fingers through your waves to break them up.

2. To start a fishtail braid, first separate your hair into two equal sections, then divide both sections in half. Next, use your index fingers to grab the small section that’s all the way on the right side, and cross it over to join it with the left section.

With a fishtail braid, it’s important to always grab the section that’s on the farthest side, and pull that section all the way over to get the scaly look. Then, grab the farthest left chunk of hair and pull it all the way over to the right. Go back to the right side and pull the farthest section over to the left and continue alternating left and right sections until you reach the end of your hair.

3. Gather the braid to one side of your head, and secure it with a rubber band.

4. Next, gently spread the braid apart to make it wider. Pull both sides of the braid out on both sides.

5. Finally, roll the braid onto itself and pin it at its base to create a chignon. Secure the roll with extra pins, and finish by spraying with BlowPro Blow Out Spray for texture and strong hold.

Find out more information about Blow or tweet them a question @BlowDryBeauty!

knotted bun maiden braid hair tutorial-2knotted bun maiden braid hair tutorial collageknotted bun maiden braid hair tutorial-3

knotted bun maiden braid hair tutorial-9

Supplies: small elastic hair bands, hair pins.

1// Begin with your hair down and parted down the middle into two sections.

2// Braid each side into french braid pigtails. I braided mine into a reverse braid so that it would pop out more. To do this, when braiding simply move each strand under instead of over. To create a crown look, braid it on the side of your head instead of directly back.

3// Repeat this step on the other side.

4// Once you’re finished, move the braids behind you. You might double check in a mirror to make sure they are even.

5// Next, take the braids and cross them over to the other side.

6// Repeat step five by bringing the braid back over, twisting them together in the middle, creating a twisted bun.

7// Lastly, pin the ends of the braids towards the top of your crown, tucking the ends underneath the start of the braid.

8// Continue pinning the bun and braids in place until it feels secure on your head.


Tutorials 1st, 2nd

DIY Holiday Decor by Minieco

Cute and crafty Christmas decorations that don’t break the bank by Minieco

Time to get in that Holiday spirit!

1. Lego Snow Globes


2. Paper Gem Ornaments


3. Origami Lights 


4. Pacman pop up cards and holiday pop up cards


5. Accordian Candle Holder


6. Confetti wrap


7. Printed Ornaments



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DIY: Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! The StyleMoca staff put together a few DIY Halloween looks for those last minute costume hunters. Happy (early) Halloween!
1. The RefHalloween: The Referee

2. The Painter

Halloween: The Painter

3. The Army SeargentHalloween: The Army Seargent

4. The Flight Attendant

Halloween: The Stewardess