Music Mondays

We are slowly getting back into the swing of things this Monday. Here is a playlist to help you enjoy today. So stop looking at the clock, groove to the mood, and start your work week off right!

1. Vök – Before

2. Lana Del Rey – West Coast

3. Du Tonic – Surging Memories

4. MisterWives – Money On My Mind (Sam Smith Cover)

5. Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red and Blue (Muneshine Remix)

6. New Navy – Zimbabwe ( Flume Remix)

7. Banks – Before I Ever Met You

Today’s Top Looks

f26-2  ST0068-FMAIN_zpsa82de6ad-1  ST0055BLACK-F_zps96886433-1

Street Style: Best of Coachella 2014 Week 1

hbz-coachella-street-style-day1-08-lg Coachella-Street-Style-2014-20_11382532748Coachella-Street-Style-2014-02_11380957686 Coachella-Street-Style-2014-01_113808397550hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-02-lg hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-32-lgCoachella-Street-Style-2014-27_113831221224 Coachella-Street-Style-2014-06_113813827579  hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-04-lghbz-coachella-street-style-day2-14-lgCoachella-Street-Style-2014-16_113821864813Coachella-Street-Style-2014-22_113826502352hbz-coachella-street-style-day1-14-lg        Coachella-Street-Style-2014-24_113828242463Coachella-Street-Style-2014-05_113812743497  Coachella-Street-Style-2014-04_113811504908

For more festival styles go to STYLEMOCA


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Playlist On Repeat

In constant search for music that keeps you in the moment.

Here are a few of our current favorites:

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”


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Music Mix: Chill Beats

STYLEMOCA’s Monday Music Playlist:

Telepopmusik – “Breath”

A Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relaxation”

The xx – “Together”

The Submarines – “1940 (Amplive Remix)”

Wax Tailor  – “Que sera”

Dred Scott – “Check the Vibe”

Radio Head – “Lotus Flower”