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Cruising the open road with a couple of friends and making lifelong memories you’ll never forget. We bring to you our road trip inspiration photo diary. Get in touch with your adventurous spirit this summer!

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C-heads, MagdalenaWosinska, Free People

Earth Day DIY


In the spirit of Earth Day we bring you  a quick and easy mini herb garden DIY.


*Old Wooden box or drawer (the one pictured above was found at a local flea market)
*3-4 different herb plants
*Moss (optional)
*Plastic liner (optional)



1. Clean the wooden box with a damp cloth.

2. Pour about 1 inch of rocks into the bottom of the box and spread them evenly.


3. Add 2 inches of soil and mark with your finger where you plan to place each plant, leaving at least a few inches between each one.

4. Dig a small divot for the first plant and place it in, adding soil around the sides.


5. Repeat for each plant and then fill with soil until each plant is well supported and covered.

6. I added a moss layer on top of my soil, tearing pieces to fit around each plant, leaving room for me to water around the center of each plant.

7. Once you’ve finished planting, water each plant directly at the base of the stems. If you over water, be sure to let the planter dry out before adding more. Place in a sunny spot and you’re done!

*If you water your plants carefully (directly on the plants themselves, rather than the full planter size) and let the planter drain and dry out properly, you shouldn’t have a mold problem. But if you’re uncomfortable not having a layer over the wood, you can add a plastic liner under the rocks like this one (in whatever size best fits your wooden box).


This DIY was created by Design Sponge

Today’s Top Picks


Giveaway Friday!

paper bag clutch giveaway

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Have a great weekend!


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Jam of the Day

Thursday’s funk-tastic music pick of the day:

Off My Mind by Moon Boots.

Don’t be surprised if this funky fresh jam has you disco dancing all day long!

Thursday’s funk-tastic music pick of the day:

Off My Mind by Moon Boots.

Don’t be surprised if this funky fresh jam has you disco dancing all day long!


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Giveaway: Good As Gold

BLOGring & braceket set-2

We’re giving away this awesome gold ring and bracelet set! Enter for a change to win this Caged Knuckle Ring and Cross Loop Bracelet!

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Always remember that you’re as good as gold!


Valentine’s Day Nails

Our Favorite V-Day Nails Tips and Tutorials:



1. Prep and paint. “After you’ve filed your nails into an almond shape, push back your cuticles” — remember, DO NOT CUT THEM! — “and apply a basecoat.

2. Paint a small diagonal oval from the left side of your nail almost to the right side,” Whitehill says. She used Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Carnal Red.

3. Create the other half of the heart. “Make the same oval shape, starting from the right side of the nail to almost the left side, completing the heart,” she says. “Then, apply a clear top coat and you’re done!”

Now go out there and break some hearts!

Tutorial by Cosmopolitan


For extra flare: Add a white polish layer betweens steps two and three (above).

Apply a basecoat and paint a full white layer. After you make sure that the white layer is dry completely, you can start the red heart design.


1.Dip a toothpick in your nail polish (any color of your choice) and make a thick dot closer to the left side of your nail.

2. Repeat step one and make a second dot on the right side of first dot. The dots should be at least 2-5 mm apart from each other.

3. One by one, drag the dots down diagonally toward the bottom center. The two dots should meet at a point.

4. Fill in any empty spaces and perfect your heart.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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How to: Cuff Jeans

The cuff, roll, turn up, whatever you want to call it,  has everyone showing off their ankles.  We put together a few tricks for mastering the perfect fold. Word to the wise: Cuffing denim is a lot easier than you think! 

1) The Classic Cuff: Keep the folds crisp and clean. Fold two to three times to expose your pretty little ankle bones. This feminine fold looks elegant when worn with shoes that fall below the ankle.


2) The Urkle: Who knew that Steve Urkle, of the 90s t.v. show Family Matters, could have foreseen the “Rolled up denim with high socks’ trend? Inspired by the classic nerd look, the Urkle fold matches well with over the ankle knit socks. Socks of neutral colors like grays, tans, and blacks help balance out the colors of your outfit. This mix can be described by the three C’s: Cool, comfty, and casual.


3) The Single Cuff: This polished cuff is folded once, and only once. This flexible cuff’s length can range from one to four inches. The single cuff goes well with any kind of shoe, even with sneakers! You might want to think again before getting those long skinny jeans hemmed.  


4) The Roll Up: This trend has been extremely popular with fashion bloggers lately. Take a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, carelessly roll them up, and voila your outfit is complete! This messy yet effortless denim style pairs well with delicate heels.


5) The Micro Mini: The cutest fold(s) of them all! Fold lengths should not be more than an inch tall. This flattering style makes your legs look longer and balances out your proportions. The Micro Mini looks great with flats, ankle boots, and sandals. 



In cuff we trust!


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Grammys 2014: Best Dressed

Every year we eagerly anticipate the outrageous events and bold fashions of the Grammy Awards. Glitz and glamour in abundance, the 2014 Grammy dresses did not disappoint!

1. Christine Teigen


2. Beyonce

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

3. Taylor Swift


4. Nicole Trunfio


5. Ciara


6. Rita Ora


Sources: 1, 2


Hues of blues that cure our Monday blues.



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How to style: Leather Trouser Pants

Don’t sacrifice style for comfort!

Throw on pair of (faux) leather  trousers instead.  We are currently lusting over these leather trouser pants that have a sporty-chic appeal.


Here are a few ways to style faux leather trouser joggers:

1. Layer a patterned sweater top with a fur vest for a warm chic look.


2. Style a black bustier and a white blazer to add a minimal yet edgy vibe.


3. Create a relaxed outfit by wearing with a basic white tee and a boyfriend blazer.


4. Pair  with a modern top for a contemporary look.

leather trim pants-full

5. Mix-it-up effortlessly with a multi colored denim button up.


These babies are currently available at The Fashion Tribe!

3leather pant





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Source: Tumblr, STYLEMOCA, The Fashion Tribe