How to style: Leather Trouser Pants

Don’t sacrifice style for comfort!

Throw on pair of (faux) leather  trousers instead.  We are currently lusting over these leather trouser pants that have a sporty-chic appeal.


Here are a few ways to style faux leather trouser joggers:

1. Layer a patterned sweater top with a fur vest for a warm chic look.


2. Style a black bustier and a white blazer to add a minimal yet edgy vibe.


3. Create a relaxed outfit by wearing with a basic white tee and a boyfriend blazer.


4. Pair  with a modern top for a contemporary look.

leather trim pants-full

5. Mix-it-up effortlessly with a multi colored denim button up.


These babies are currently available at The Fashion Tribe!

3leather pant





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Source: Tumblr, STYLEMOCA, The Fashion Tribe


7 thoughts on “How to style: Leather Trouser Pants

  1. didn’t think i’d love these pants but oh my they look so chic! love them! the material is so key so there’s enough movement not to look stiff . I’ve definitely seen it go wrong. but I loved the looks you presented.

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